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Welcome to the Sanctuary, an oasis of refuge and healing.  A quiet, friendly place of refuge, to bring quiet to the mind while soft movements increase flexibility.  Get in tune with your breath & posture in a Christian environment of like minds. 
The purpose of this website is to support people that have a desire to balance their lives.  Let us help you get on track starting with better health & wellness.   We can assist you in being the best possible version of yourself. 

                        cell:  575-937-3609 

Find out what's possible TODAY!  Come try Yoga in an   unintimidating environment!  Yoga can help you get your mind quiet, & bring  flexibility and balance.
There's a COMMITMENT to help others in the field of health and wellness. Finding a balance  and sharing the gifts that God bestowed.  Consider our bodies a temple and our lives a gift.  Treat it well and be the best we can be, encouraging others along the way.  I am drawn toward Yoga as quiet discipline, leading the body into flexible, strength building positions.  We quiet the mind & focus on our inner power, with breath and appreciation of daily blessings.   Join our affordable community sessions or book private sessions at the Sanctuary or even your own home.  What sets us apart is working with our hearts.  Feel free to browse the site and get in touch if you feel inclined.  Blessings to you from Yoga Sanctuary, Midland, Texas.


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