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Beautiful by Mercy Me
No matter what others think of you...say to you...or say about you....You are beautiful and worthy in the eyes of Jesus...Never forget...
Weightloss System! 
Personal Coaching and Guidance! 
My weight had been up and down most of my adult life and I got that under control!  So can you!  Here's how:  you email me your weight and decide how serious you are.  You'll lose. Get in touch for your personal program!  I've kept my weight in management  for years now!  If you're ready to get started $99 will get you the coaching you need and with you every step of the way. 
Current Testimonials:
"Being a wheelchair user involves a lot of responsibilities because I have to worry about myself as well as my caregivers. Weight management is a major issue; therefore, I explained my situation to Anne. What a blessing! I was 165 pounds on September 29, 2007 and I lost 16 pounds by November 1, 2007. Today, I weight 148.8 and continuing.... I feel great! I sleep better at night and feel better throughout the day! I highly recommend Anne's WheytLoss plan. She's a great coach and the materials needed are to do this diet are very simple and low cost!" Do it! You'll be glad you did!  I've kept the weight off very easily for three years now."
Madeline S. - Brooklyn, New York
"I've tried every diet there is, only to last a few days or maybe a week.  In having Anne for a coach, she was there to help when I needed encouragement and advice.
She helped me lose 40 pounds in 10 weeks and I didn't feel hungry or deprived.  I have kept the weigh toff now for a year and a half and I have her to thank for helping me learn a new way of weight management.  Use her system, you won't be sorry!"
Jennifer S. - Las Vegas, Nevada
"I had several things wrong with me and one of them was being over weight!  I suffered from diabetes and arthritis and was about 60 pounds overweight.  Besides those things, it's bad enough when a man snores, but a woman?  I was so embarrassed to snore like I did.  by losing weight, my snorring went away immediately, my diabets got under control and my arthritis is at a minimal.  The pounds have melted away, my clothes fit and Anita has got her groove back!  Thanks to Anne's simple system and coaching.  Check it out, it's awesome!  It took me 3
months to lose the weight and I've kept it off now for 14 months. " 
Anita C. - Dallas, Texas
I'm a large man and have been all of my life.  In working with Anne's weight loss program, through dedication on both of our parts, I lost 125 pounds in 4 months.  I got down enough that I could exercise at a higher level and have continued to drop a few pounds a week consistantly.  I highly recommend working with Anne's weight management and fitness program.  She never lets you down and has
the stick and stay power that people like me need!   Carl L. North Carolina
I lost 20 pounds in 20 days in working with Anne's guideance and encouragement.  She's there when you need her!  I'm continueing to lose
and have high goals.  Cynthia Midland, Tx
My weight loss has reached 42 pounds in less than 60 days, I have a long
ways to go, but I feel great and have such a stick to it plan in working with Anne.  I'm thankful we connected!  Manny H.  Odessa, Texas
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