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Who sits on the front porch?

People don’t sit on the front porch like they used to.  It was a form of community, family bonding and reflection of the day.  Nowadays we have to schedule in a few moments of prayer, Bible reading and meditation.  

It warms my heart to see my son’s young family of 2 boys and their dog sit on the front porch, watch the boys ride bikes, play yard games and pitch the ball.  It all makes for a better family.  Make time for the front porch, back porch, patio, courtyard and seize the day!

Holy Week Footwashing

Yoga Sanctuary outdoor  Footwashing     Commenterating Holy Week, hour before Good Friday Noon Yoga, Footwashing took place in outdoor courtyard.  Beautiful time with Biblical reading, light snacks herbal teas.  Some social time, some quiet meditation. All came to a blissful time

The key to healing

It is realized that some people are stronger than others and some are appointed as vessels from God to help those they come in contact with. If a person seeks help from a “healer” they must be open to prayer and receive.  Opening the eyes to what is being shown.   Self control is a strength. Calmness is a mastery. A person must strive to get to a point where your mood doesn’t shift based on insignificant actions of someone else.  Don’t allow others to control the direction of your life. Don’t allow your emotions to over power your intelligence. Consistency is the key to the balance of life.  Create simplicity and serenity as much as possible.  Find quiet time and prayer, connecting with the Creator every day.

Reiki Healing

Reiki brings healing lightReiki is a healing experience, ridding one of blockage from past experiences.  It is refreshing and enlightening.  Book a session of Reiki and if you feel it is for you make an appointment to certify into Reiki I.  Reiki I is more or less for self healing.  Reiki II for healing of others. Reiki III is for teaching Reiki to others.
Take the step to make Reiki part of you life.  I clears the way for more prayer and meditation time.  Self healing brings self awareness and spiritual growth.

Reiki Sessions or Training 1/2/3

Exciting news!  ReikiTraining at Yoga Studio!  Book sessions to receive 
Reiki Healing or taking Reiki 1 /2/3 in consecutive order with space of time
in between for practice.    575-937-3609  Text or call

Essential Oils Class Saturday 10 AM

Essential Oils and what they
do for us!  Yoga 9 AM  Oil Class offered 10 AM Saturday

Yoga 3 generations

Three generations enjoy Yoga today..two just started and invited grandma to come try it out as they are LOVIN it !  Peace of  mind, focus, flexibility, balance, and better mood.  Vertex Complete Yoga Sanctuary is unintimidating and the place to be.  Smells amazing, the music is to die for and the group is the kindest people imaginable!   MWF  noon  TWTh 5:30 pm  M / Th 7 PM
Saturday 9 AM

Reiki 3 Training Feb 7th

Reiki 3 Training Feb 7th 10-2
Saturday following Yoga. Text in for further information on attending !  575-937-3609  

January Library Yoga

Come experience Yoga @ the library...  no
cost to you ! 

Yoga Practice

Regular Yoga Practice makes for flexibility, discipline, focus, & strength.  Do you need some of that?  Come join us at the Yoga Sanctuary 9 sessions a week on the schedule and private sessions available.  Namaste   5759373609