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Yoga for any age!

Yoga for any age.  It takes patience and diligence.  If you have the luxury of someone coming to your home to teach you, great!  If not, you must go find a group session that is affordable for your budget.  But preventative measures are a must!  " An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!" So very true!  

Thumbtack connections

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Thumbtack helps get you business in the fitness world.  They make it so simple with sending you a text to make a bid on personal session.  People find Thumbtack and Thumbtack helps make the connection.  It's an awesome concept!  

Spa Break

Hey, What does it take to bring people a little pleasure?  How about footsoaks, hand massages, chair massage & good food.  We care about our Yogi's at Vertex Complete Yoga Sanctuary.  Once in awhile we darken the place, light candles, infuse the air with essential oils and give it our all.  We love showing people we love them and want to serve and make them feel better about life.  Knowing we simply "care".....  Everyone needs a Spa Break every now and then.  Namaste 

Holistic Healing

holistic healing / Yoga / Massage Therapy / workshops include Reiki Training, Taste of Tai Chi, Health and Wellness, upcoming Yoga Retreat on the Guadalupe... Stay tuned for more in Midland, Texas

Natural Weight Management

Slim and Sassy / Essential Oils for weight management! 

few drops in your water few times a day keeps your appetite suppressed.  Healthy weight management.

Labyrinth to walk before Yoga at Sanctuary

To have something so precious as this in Midland, Texas is AMAZING !  I walked this today and it was wonderful.  Have not had this opportunity in quite some time.   Very grateful for the gift to do this today! 

Learn what Labyrinths can do for you!  They do not have to be this fancy, they can be made with rocks etc.  God Bless you Serenity today!

Rest and Rejuvenation Yoga / Meditation

May 2-4 Let's get away as a small group to rest, recuperate, reconnect with nature and the outdoors.  Yoga / Meditation / walks / silence / laughter / good food and connections..  get in touch for details if you want to join us...Guadalupe River "here we come//!"

Yoga Event Midland Texas

Black Lite Yoga/wine body painting evening..

Fun filled evening with wine, yoga, black lite paint, lights, bubbles, music and food.  creative finger painting flowers and designs.  Electric type Yoga music filled with energy and vibrant moves!  Power of young and young at heart merged in an evening of dynamic fun!  An evening not soon to forget.  Asked to do it again soon as possible. 

Yoga Event March 8

My son John-Joseph is coming for a visit..since he and I both teach Yoga and are in the same field of health and wellness, we will be bringing this beautiful event together.  We are excited to share this day with as many people that will come!  Bringing a Santa Fe event to Midland West Texas area!  lovely!